Thé platform for symphonic music

The AJSO Foundation forms the platform for symphonic music in Almere. Four youth orchestras, a Theater orchestra and several ensembles all fall under the umbrella of the AJSO Foundation. 

The  String class, Orchestra class and the Junior orchestra are educational orchestras. The AJSO is the top orchestra of the foundation. 

Young violinists and cellists from 6 to 10 years can start in the String class. The young musicians learn to really play together for the first time in the Orchestra class. The Junior orchestra is a stepping-stone for many to the AJSO, a fully-fledged symphonic orchestra. 

The AJSO has established a prominent spot within the world of art and culture in Almere for 30 years now. Therefor this orchestra is the flagship of the AJSO Foundation; a foundation that’s bursting with life!  

In short, the AJSO Foundation does everything in its power to stimulate and develop young musical talent in Almere. On this website you will read more about it. And when it comes to experiencing the orchestras, pictures say more then a 1000 words. 

The String class

For young talents from 6 to 10 years old

The Orchestra class

For musicians from 8 to 12 years old

The Junior orchestra

The stepping stone to the symphonic orchestra


The flagship of the AJSO foundation

The Theater Orchestra

Former project orchestra for adults


Play in various arrangements

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