The top orchestra of the AJSO foundation

Welcome to the Almere Youth Symphonic Orchestra (AJSO). The top orchestra of the AJSO Foundation is an orchestra for youth from 14 years old who like to make music together. The main motto of the orchestra is to make music with enthousiasm, a lot of fun and expression. With this ingredients the AJSO has reached an ever increasing level, which makes it attractive for (future) conservatory students to be part of the orchestra. 

Our ambitions are:

  • the musical growth of the orchestra and the individual orchestra playing. 
  • continue our position in the Top 5 of Dutch symphonic youth orchestras and aim for the highest top 2 level.
  • Play a role in the development of culture and talent within the city of Almere. This allows us to represent the city in The Netherlands and abroad. 

We want to achieve this by:

  • organising study days and a yearly study weekend  
  • conducting group rehearsels under the guidance of teachers 
  • regularly participating in festivals and contests
  • organising a biennial concert trip abroad
  • regularly playing a concert inside and outside the city   

The repertoire varies from classical works to modern film music. The AJSO plays about ten concerts a year, the highlight being the matinee concert (with or without the cooperation of guest soloists). Click here for the concert calender of the AJSO and the educational orchestras. 

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The repertoire

The orchestra has a very broad repertoire. From (original) classical works to contemporary film music, the AJSO plays it all! This diverse choice of music allows the orchestra to present itself in different ways, so that a wide audience is reached. The repertoire is adjusted per season. Here a small selection from our current repertoire: 

  • Overture Nabucco - G. Verdi
  • Harry's Wondrous World - J. Williams
  • Gabriel's Oboe - E. Morricone (arr. R. Ling)
  • Rapsody in blue - G. Gershwin
  • Wayfaring Stranger -Traditional (orch. H. Welle)
  • Danzon No 2 -  A. Márquez
  • The Lord of het Dance - R. Hardiman (arr. L. Moore)

AJSO steals the show

Concertgebouw Amsterdam - 22 april 2018