The Orchestra class

The first step

Welcome at the AJSO Orchestra class. The Orchestra class is an orchestra for children aged  8-12 who take their first steps in the field of orchestra playing. To join the orchestra class, the children must have had lessons for at least two years.

Led by a real conductor, the children get used to playing in an orchestra setting with various instruments, such as strings, wind instruments and percussion. The less common instruments such as horn, trumpet and bassoon also play a role.

The orchestra playing is learned by looking at the conductor and listening to fellow orchestra members. The repertoire consists of light music and simple arrangements of classical music.

The Orchestra class performs at least twice a year.

Would you like to play along with us? You are very welcome to attend a rehearsel! 

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The repertoire

The AJSO Orchestra class plays a repertoire that is versatile for the orchestra. The repertoire is supplemented as the year passes. Every year the conductor searches for new pieces. This year the repertoire is as followed:

  • Fanfare – D. Welle
  • Finale from Symphony No. 5 – L. v. Beethoven1
  • Gypsy Dance – Hungarian Folksong (arr. E. B. Jurey)
  • Hoppadida – H. Welle
  • Kolonel Hathi’s Mars – R. & R. Sherman (arr. D. Welle)
  • Party Animal – A. Dam
  • The Lion King – E. John/T. Rice (arr. H. Welle)
    - 1  (arr. R. Meyer)