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Raise the curtain for the theater orchestra. The AJSO Foundation does not only have youth orchestras. Conductor Hans Welle recently started a project orchestra for adults (from the age of 16). The orchestra will accompany productions of theater companies, choirs, operetta associations, etc. The basic line-up is that of a chamber orchestra and participants are expected to have a very high level of playing.

Het aantal repetities per productie verschilt, maar het is de bedoeling dat deelnemers de stukken na een enkele repetitie goed kunnen spelen, zodat tijdens de volgende repetitie met evt. zangers kan worden gewerkt.

The number of rehearsals differs per production. The intention is that participants master the pieces after a single rehearsal in order to work with e.g. singers during a next rehearsal.

The theater orchestra works on a project basis. We look for musicians per project.

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