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Since January 1st 2014, the AJSO Foundation has been registered with the Tax Authorities as a cultural Public Benefit Organization (PBO, ANBI in Dutch). An additional donation deduction applies to donors of cultural PBO’s. More information can be found on this website of the Tax and Customs Administration.

Name: Stichting Almeers Jeugd Symfonie Orkest (afgekort als: Stichting AJSO)
Fiscal number/RSIN: 8528.19.973
Bank account number: NL 17 RABO 0142 2821 62
Contact details: Waalstraat 55, 1316 ES ALMERE,

Objectives of the AJSO Foundation
The objective of the Foundation is to maintain and expand the orchestra line that has been built up (String class – Orchestra class – Junior orchestra - AJSO), in which students become acquainted with different musical genres and can develop their musical talents. In addition, we want to guarantee the quality of the AJSO top orchestra by holding annual auditions. A measurement of the quality of our orchestras is determined during competitions, exchange concerts and/or festivals.

The AJSO Foundation also wants to be thé platform for symphonic music in Almere. Quality and making music at the highest possible level are paramount, based on great enthusiasm and pleasure in playing together. By training full-fledged musicians for both professional and amateur orchestras and ensembles, we as a foundation make a major contribution to the cultural landscape of Almere.
In addition, we offer the orchestra members the opportunity to develop socially and to participate as much as possible in the organization.
With our activities we contribute to the social effects desired by the municipality of Almere to increase the development opportunities of children and youths. Everyone participates according to their own abilities, regardless of their limitations.

Main points of the current policy plan

  • Through (group) rehearsals, masterclasses, ensemble playing, (educational) concerts and a broad repertoire, we promote symphonic (classical) music in Almere, for both listeners and practitioners.
  • By means of the unique continuous orchestra line, we offer talents a platform to develop in orchestral playing, but also an environment in which they can develop socially and organisationally.
  • By giving concerts in and outside Almere, the orchestra members get to know different musical genres and their musical possibilities.
  • Members are encouraged to gain solo experience and to play together in small ensembles. They also learn by attending group rehearsals and/or masterclasses.

Board composition and remuneration policy
In accordance with the PBO (ANBI) policy rules, the board members receive compensation for the expenses incurred and there is no question of excessive attendance fees.

  • Chairman : Gerard Jansen
  • Vice-Chairman/PR: Brigit Ruiter
  • Treasurer: Sander Seppen
  • Secretary: Nadia van den Akker 
  • Board member of orchestra affair: Frans Bijsterveld

Current report of carried out activities
At the beginning of 2022 we started again at full speed. After the matinee concert in February and the Hallo-AJSO concerts for the schoolchildren, the musical train was unstoppable. Together with the Kunstlinie and theater school Almere, a successful benefit concert was given for the victims of the war in Ukraine. After 3 years, the children of our training orchestras were finally allowed to perform on a real stage again. That was a great party!

As icing on the cake, the AJSO was allowed to play for the King in April during the opening of the Floriade Expo 2022. It was an exciting but unforgettable experience. The final concert, the concert trip to Malta and various other concerts ensured a beautiful and musical year. You can read an extensive report with photos in the full annual report which is available in Dutch.

In addition to the contributions from the orchestra members, the income consists of subsidies from the municipality of Almere, sponsorship money and income from concerts and donations.

Asset management
The (limited) capital is maintained by realizing a positive operating result. Expenditure of the capital is not applicable.

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