The AJSO Trombone Trio introduces itself!

The AJSO Trombone Trio was formed in 2018 by three trombonists from the AJSO Theater Orchestra. Together they perform at the most diverse occasions. For example, they provided varied intermezzi during a concert by the Flevo's Men's Choir from Dronten and they played at the farewell of a top civil servant in the council chamber of Almere's town hall. The trombonists play in the most diverse styles. From classical music to jazz and also music from movies and musicals. Moreover, it is possible to have tailor-made arrangements made.

The AJSO Trombone Trio currently consists of:

  • Berend van Gurp
  • Fabian Vos
  • Daan Welle

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Daan Welle

Daan Welle briefly studied trombone at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and later completed a bachelor's degree in music education and a contract study in orchestral conducting. With the AJSO Trombone Trio, Daan takes care of the beautiful arrangements.

Fabian Vos

Fabian Vos obtained his bachelor's degree in trombone at Codarts Rotterdam and is currently completing his master's degree at the same conservatory. In the AJSO Trombone Trio, Fabian is the man who can do it all. Give him any composition and he will play it.

Berend van Gurp

Berend van Gurp is currently busy getting his bachelor's degree in bass trombone at Codarts Rotterdam. With the AJSO Trombone Trio, Berend lays the foundation for every piece of music. His sultry bass sounds are indispensable at our performances.

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