Help the AJSO to Provence!

Every 2 years the AJSO makes a concert trip abroad. In July 2024 we will participate in the Festival International des Orchestres de Jeunes en Provence to share our passion for music at 4 beautiful concert locations. Will you help us make this special trip possible?

The AJSO has been around for over 35 years and for good reason: due to the ever-increasing musical level and the great team spirit, the members are extremely enthusiastic about their orchestra. During the tour to Provence, concerts will be given at 4 unique locations, to promote the Netherlands - and Almere in particular - abroad. In addition, we will tackle the logistical and musical challenges during the trip together. This offers a unique opportunity to learn from each other, both personally and musically.

We have seen the costs of such a trip, with more than 90 orchestra members and accompanists, increase enormously in recent years. To pay for travel and accommodation, we ask participants for a personal contribution and we undertake additional actions ourselves, such as paid performances by ensembles. But without your contribution we won't make it. That is why we have put together sponsorship packages, in which our reciprocation depends on the amount of the sponsorship amount.

Information about the sponsorship packages, as well as the registration form, can be found below. For more information you can contact our chairman, Gerard Jansen.

Registration form

You can register as a sponsor using the form below and choose from the following  sponsorship packages  (Dutch language). After registration you will receive an invoice from us with the relevant amount and a confirmation of the reciprocation. 

  • Sponsor (€ 500)
  • Major sponsor (€ 1.000)
  • Top sponsor (€ 2.500)
  • Main sponsor (€ 5.000)
  • International partner (€ 15.000)
Sponsorship package
Sponsor (€ 500)
Major sponsor (€ 1.000)
Top sponsor (€ 2.500)
Main sponsor (€ 5.000)
International partner (€ 15.000)

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